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Smoke Detectors

Well, it’s almost that time of the year when we turn back our clocks and are reminded about changing the batteries in our smoke detectors. As a licensed home inspector in N.Y. C. I frequently come across homes that have either out dated smoke detectors or not enough of them. First lets discuss the life expectancy of these devices. Most manufactures recommend changing your detectors every ten years. (The date is stamped on the back) now keep in mind different factors come into play. For example, have you had renovation preformed in your home that might have created a considerable amount of dust? If so you might want to considered changing sooner. If you are going to install new units, or add more of them consider upgrading to a inter-connected detector.These type of units trigger all the units to sound when one detects smoke. One of these type units are manufactured by Kiddie. These  wireless  units are available in many different types which allows you to install them like you would any other replacement unit.Without any additional wiring to your home a wireless signal is sent out to all the other like units (They all need to be this type of units) in your home.When one detects smoke they all sound. Think about this for a minute .Would you hear the smoke detector in your basement if you’re in the bedroom sleeping? Smoke detectors are there to give you time to safely escape. The sooner you are alerted the better chance that you and your family will have. So before you just go out to buy batteries this year think about how old are the units and would you hear them from all corners of your house.